Gravel pit Bielcza-Krężel is located 30 km by Tarnów and 4 km from the motorway A4.



Abundance is characterized by a good shape of grains as well as a resistance to going flat . High content of the quartzite (above the 96%) is deciding on the extraordinary hardness and the durability of material.

Thanks to the modern production line of aggregate high parameters are fulfilling cleannesses, are deprived entirely of organic pollutants, are getting the high rate of the flow (angularities) and are meeting WT-1 requirements put by GDDKiA at the design and the road building.

Thanks to applying the crusher of a new generation in the gravel pit finished products contain crumbled grains being characterized by a cuboidal shape.

Annually the gravel pit is able to produce c 400 thousand ton of rinsed sands , 150 thousand ton of gravels of 2-8 mm and 8-16 mm and natural sand.