Aggregates and grits sienites grys sjenitowy

Aggregates and grits sienites produced in Mine Nepheline Przedborowa an excellent material for all layers of the road for road KR1 to KR6, as well as structural concrete and asphalt.


  • Grits sienites characterized by high hardness and resistance to polishing PSV-53 , which has a big impact on driving safety and shorter braking distance;
  • Aggregates and grits sienites are completely hardy and have very low water absorption ;
  • Products meet the requirements of the road for Class I grade 1;
  • Grits sienites have very good adhesion to bitumitów ;
  • Depending on grain grits sienites have a brand name 30 or 50 .

Aggregates and grits made ​​with syenite are many uses, among other things, to:

  • concrete construction
  • asphalt
  • SMA
  • substructures auxiliary and essential
  • embankments.



grits of syenite0 – 4 mm
grits of syenite4 – 8 mm
grits of syenite8 – 12 mm
grits of syenite12 – 16 mm
mix of sienites0 - 12,5 mm
mix of sienites0 - 31,5 mm
mix of sienites0 - 63 mm
Rubble of sienites20 - 63 mm


Physical parameters of nepheline Przedborowa:

Density2,83 ÷ 2,95 g/cm3
Compressive strengthdo 250 MPa
brasion on the dial Boehme0,15 ÷ 0,18 cm
LA Abrasion drum10 ÷ 18 %
Water absorption0,23 ÷ 0,30 %
Frost resistance (25 cycle)total
Resistance to thermal shocktotal