Department Jaworzno – information

Jaworzno Branch is located at 81 Street Railwaymen in Jaworzno , a former Glassworks window . The Department of road aggregates are produced on the basis of metallurgical slag , slag sand and rubble .
Sold by us aggregates are widely used in road construction . Depending on the fraction can be used for essential foundation , frost-protection layer sub-base as a foundation and priming the cobblestones , the work of leveling and rehabilitation and construction of embankments .
We also offer the service of admission to the recovery of mineral waste from the group of 01 , 10, and 17 The basis of our activity in this area is the decision of the Mayor Jaworzno in the recovery and collection of waste ( sign OŚ.ŚR – 6233.20.2011 ) .
In addition to production activities Slag Recycling Company offers the Branch Jaworzno rental offices , factories and railway siding with paved area . Full range of real estate is available at: