Mixture of ash and cinders

Mixture of ash and cinders is an incidental combustion product of the hard bituminous coal about the grey colour. A low bulk density is characterizing her (after thickening with c 1.2 Mg/m3) thanks to that is an excellent material for construction of embankments on account of great frugalities towards natural aggregates (about c 25-30 %).

Blend has IBDIM technical approval No. AT/2006-03-2109 edition II and Hygienic PZH seal of approval. Conducted examinations showed in the GDDKiA Laboratory, IBDiM and UR, that blend popiołowo – speedway “Slag Recycling” is meeting requirements of the norm PN-S 02205:1998 „Car roads. Earthwork. Requirements and examinations”.



  • UPS is light material, with the small grain (the size of grains of ash isn’t crossing 0.5 mm but cinder of the c 20 mm)
  • Bulk density (appropriate) is taking out about 2,2 g/cm3.
  • Bulk density:
  • in the loose state – 0,650 Mg/m3,
  • by the condensation – 1,215 Mg/m3.
  • Natural concentration of radio-elements: f2 = 106,1 Bq/kg, at acceptable setting < 200 Bq/kg.


  • Without stabilization additions to raising substrata of embankments below the depth of freezing under the condition of separating them from water or of applying in dry places,
  • To upper layers of embankments in the zone of freezing and tops of improved base or for the fundamental building the foundations with the addition of cement or lime to 6 %,
  • To road bases of base for ways about the slight move and to upper layers improved with the addition of lime to 3 %,
  • As powder for the construction oporowych and of embankments made in the technology of land fitted out in combination with e.g. geotextile
  • As improving additions to preparing blends ash-soil.