Slag Recycling Sp. z o.o.

The mission of the company is post-industrial land restoration and supply of the highest quality raw materials destined for road building, building industry and metallurgy in Poland. Our aim is to deliver professional services within the range of products offered at competitive prices.

SLAG RECYCLING is one of the biggest producers of metallurgical aggregates and iron skull scrap in Poland. The company was established in February 1998 as a joint venture of the contemporary Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks S.A. and British Consortium: Central European Recovery Holdings. Within a few years it has become the largest pro-ecological investment in Poland.

 Slag Recycling exploits a metallurgical slag dump deposited in Pleszew near Cracow, as well as a dump belonging to Kościuszko Steelworks in Chorzów, processing wastes into full-value products and thus preserving natural environmental resources. From the beginning, the company has placed importance on activities confirming the high quality of its products. The emphasis is on specialist research, cooperation with the academic community, and the propagation of metallurgical aggregate values. Slag Recycling regularly commissions scientific reports to various research institutions and higher educational establishments. Current physical and chemical examinations required by industrial standards are carried out by the Company’s own modern laboratory. Some specialized studies are commissioned to external institutions. The analysis results confirm that metallurgical aggregates meet the requirements of industrial standards and are safe for the natural environment.

 Certificates, technical approvals and prizes regularly awarded at trade fairs confirm the highest quality of Slag Recycling products.

 The Company owns a sophisticated equipment of high production capacity allowing for the efficient order processing and thus indirectly contributing to a promptness of road investment execution.

 Slag Recycling is a pro-community company. It provides the local community with financial means, helping schools and charitable institutions.

 Exploitation of metallurgical slag dump and the production of full-value road aggregates allows:

  • limited exploitation of gravel aggregate deposits, thus protecting the natural environment
  • creation of a resource base for construction companies at competitive prices,
  • recovery of land under dumping area (processing slag faster than it is delivered by steelworks),

 A proof of our efforts to maintain the highest level of products is the implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental Management System according to standard ISO 14001 as well as obtaining certificates issued by TÜV CERT.

 By taking advantage of SLAG Recycling products you contribute personally to the protection of the environment.

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