Aggregates of slate blown

Slate blown’s Aggregates are produced in Przygórzu in the Lower Silesia province. The product is coming into existence as a result of making rich and purifying the hard bituminous coal, and then burning while storing on slag heaps. He is characterized grey – with red or brick-red colouring. The slate very well is suitable for road building, motorways, squares, car parks, strengthening base and the exchange of ground.



  • good compacibility and big drainability (three times higher than requirements).
  • the slate is material relatively light and immune enough to the action of water and of frost what is particularly important at the forming of embankments on low-bearing, boggy lands or construction of embankments and protective layers exposed to freezing.
  • demonstrating non-swelling and can be applied in the civil engineering of bottom and upper layers to do of road embankments, irrespective of the burden with move, in it of motorways, including layers about the increased carrying capacity, with strengthening layers, frost resistant layers, draining and for levelling work

Aggregate from łupka burnt IBDiM determined in guidelines is fulfilling the requirements from 1998 “specifications of executing the foundation of the support surface from slate blown” for frost resistant layers as well as of requiring the norm PN / S 02205:1998, “Earthwork. Requirements and examinations, for materials intended for construction of road embankments and PN-EN 13242+A1:2010 „Aggregates to unbound and tied plumbing materials applied in civil structures and the construction road”. According to the norm PN-B-23003:1996.
Slate blown grain 4 ÷ 16 can be applied to concrete of the class not higher than B 2 (new classification C 20/25)



  • road building, of motorways, squares, car parks as well as:
  • road building technological and soil-grown,
  • construction of railway embankments and road,
  • for exchanges and reinforcements of ground,
  • engineering work,
  • hydrotechnical works,
  • rehabilitation works,
  • levelling earth works,
  • up to cubic objects,
  • in the cement and ceramic industry,
  • ballast and the base of a sett stone.




Blend0 – 63 mm
Stone60 - 250 mm
Oversize+ 250 mm
Nongrade (dug )-
On pre-order:-
Blend0 - 63 mm
Breakstone31,5 - 63 mm