Sienites pitching-Mine Nepheline Przedborowa


Syenite of Przedborowa is the only currently operated stone, combining high quality, sought dark color (darkest cube of Polish natural stone, the popular name is: black granite) and long-standing tradition in the stone industry.

cube sienites is produced from one of the most beautiful and unique rocks in the Polish and European scale. Syenite because of its characteristics is ideal for construction and not without reason, was chosen as the building blocks of the Egyptian pyramids.

Today, the uniqueness of the stone can move into their homes, office buildings and gardens. Projects involving the ankle sienites you can see in many prestigious buildings, among other things: on the Main Square, the Royal Route in Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Square in Krakow, ul. Linden in Bialystok.

Why use a natural ankle sienites:
Analyzing appearance and quality of stone materials used in brukarstwie often comparing natural stone paving with stylized “old” concrete cubes. The latter, although seemingly permanent and often enriched with its pressed into the surface layer of sand or gravel (which will be conformed to the natural stone) – but there will always be precast concrete with all of the resulting consequences and disadvantages.

logo_przedborowaNatural paving stones is totally resistant to corrosive atmospheric conditions including freezing and salt. It retains the beauty and color of natural stone for hundreds of years.

Paving stone does not absorb dirt and do not appear on the raids limestone. Unlike concrete blocks list, fats and other substances do not leave permanent stains and dirt on the ankle sienites. An additional advantage is that it does not require special care and cleaning.
We sell a ankle sienites cleaved in the following sizes: 8/11, 8/11 new, 4/6, 15/17.