Silesian Centre of the Recycling – Products

Optimum mineral blend she is produced of materials obtained from slag heap, as well as materials obtained from the outside so like e.g. building ruins from demolitions.

With advantage of aggregate Slag Recycling is very good rate of the CBR carrying capacity above the 60% and of low density bulk c 1.4 Mg/m3.

Aggregates are water-pervious and very well will thicken.

They are finding application for the road building of all categories of the move, as well as for construction of squares, of car parks and for reinforcing the basis. Recommended are particularly as frost resistant layer of support stabilized mechanically base.

“Slag Recycling” has all required business licences associated with the recycling of that kind of mineral waste. The semi-finished product from which the ready building material is rising, is meeting all safety regulations environmental.



Mixture of mineral and slag0 – 63 mm
Blend petite cinders0 - 31,5 mm
Mineral aggregate60 - 150 mm
Oversize+150 mm
Slate blown (nongrade)-
Stone of carbonate-