Slag heap in Przygorze – certificates

Aggregate from slate blown is meeting requirements of norms:

  • PN-EN 13242+A1:2010 „Aggregates to unbound and tied plumbing materials applied in civil structures and the road construction”,
  • PN-B-23003:1996 „Mineral aggregates – Slate from dumps.”,
  • IBDiM guidelines from 1998 „Specifications of executing the foundation of the support surface from slate blown”
  • Requiring the PN/S 02205 norm: 1998 “Earthwork. Requiring and examining ” for materials intended for construction of road embankments.


Files downloadable:

Ecological evaluation – slate blown 0-250mm – Przygorze

From the beginning of the being Slag Recycling is putting the strong emphasis on examinations under the angle of determining the usefulness of aggregates in drogownictwie, of their ecological properties and the possibility of applying them in other cannon of the economy.