Gneiss from Pomianow

gnejs_pomianow_240 Gneiss with Pomianow is a metamorphic rock formed by the transformation of igneous and sedimentary rocks and greywacke . Occurring in the rock quartz and amphibole form the characteristic cross the line visible in the rocks.
Gneiss by its composition and the mineral has excellent strength properties and high capacity factor ( well over 120 %) , making it an excellent material for the construction of roads of all categories .
low bulk density stone compared to other aggregates gives great economic benefit to transport the aggregate.
Gneiss is also rock Outstanding decorative , beautifully presented in rock gardens , as well as ideal for ponds .
Both plate gneiss as well as solid garden , which we offer are ideal for interior paths , garden paths , creation of an environment of buildings.

Tiles gneiss and gneiss stone beautifully presented in an increasingly popular gabions .




mix0 – 31,5 mm
mix0 - 63 mm
Road metalling gneiss31,5 - 63 mm
Road metalling gneiss31,5 - 50 mm
Stone Tailings90 - 250 mm
Tiles gneiss (play, pallet)-
lumps gneiss-

Sand broken gneiss 0 - 4 mm
Key aggregate gneiss4 - 31,5 mm
Key aggregate gneiss12 - 31,5 mm


Rubble gneiss station 31,5-50 mm meets the requirements of Class I gat.1 Temporary Conditions WTWiO ILK3-5100/10/07 in the application for railway ballast in accordance with BS EN 1345:2004 / AC lines of bus speeds of V ≥ 160 km / h
Rubble gneiss station 31,5-50 mm is certified IK IK No. CZ -20/2010


Advantages of crushed gneiss:

  • Gneiss has excellent strength-compressibility above 150 MPa
  • The high rate of capacity (CBR over 120%),
  • LA Abrasion of less than 16%
  • Total frost resistance and low water absorption
  • Low ash content for the ballast station 31,5-50 mm


Rubble gneiss track31,5 - 50 mm
Rubble gneiss track31,5 - 63 mm
Mix of gneisses0-31,5 mm
Mix of gneisses0-63 mm
Key aggregate gneiss5-31,5 mm