We are pleased to inform you that on 24.06.2013 – 07.07.2013 The Mine Gneiss “Pomianow” promotion lasts for the following products:

  • 0-31 mm mix – net price 9 zł/t
  • 0-63 mm mix – net price 9 zł/t
  • crushed sand 0-4 mm – net price 5 zł/t
  • key aggregate 4-31 mm – net price 5 zł/t

In order to obtain the promotional price is the payment of cash (or pre-payment by bank transfer).

Promotional price you can get only customers who have overdue receivables.

Contact phone technical advisor of trade:

Marcin Malczyk
tel.:+48 601 943 283

We would like to inform you that our offer Pomianow Mine came two new products:



PLATE GNEISSES– You can buy in bulk or on a pallet.
On request, we can prepare the plates in the indicated sizes.





SOLID GARDEN– gneiss rock is extremely decorative and beautifully accompanied by greenery in the decoration of our gardens.

More info tel. +48 691 397 026, mail: