Hałda  PrzygórzeSince August 2009 we started the production of aggregates from the slate blown on the heap in Przygórzu (Lower Silesia). Heap was established in the interwar period and after the war as a result of coal mine. Currently, there is a milon tons of slate blown.
The aggregate of łupkoporytu has good compactibility and high water permeability (three times the amount required).
Blown Slate is an excellent material for use in the construction of mechanically stabilized base courses, especially the lower layers. Continue reading



A festivity took place on 29 May, prepared by the Sport Club Board KS Wrozenice. Slag Recycling was one of the patrons of this event.
Wrozenice is a neighbouring locality of the Slag Recycling premises. The main attractions of the festivity were the lifting of a hot-air balloon as well as a football tournament to celebrate Child’s Day. Employees of Slag Recycling actively took part in the festivity.

nowaWe are pleased to announce that from 1 May 2009. changed the location and address. Currently are located in Cracow’s Kazimierz Street Przemysłowa 3 Phone and fax numbers remain unchanged. Change has been the place of sale of aggregates. Currently we sell in our Cracow branch of the street Rzepakowa.
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