Hałda  PrzygórzeSince August 2009 we started the production of aggregates from the slate blown on the heap in Przygórzu (Lower Silesia). Heap was established in the interwar period and after the war as a result of coal mine. Currently, there is a milon tons of slate blown.
The aggregate of łupkoporytu has good compactibility and high water permeability (three times the amount required).
Blown Slate is an excellent material for use in the construction of mechanically stabilized base courses, especially the lower layers. This material works well as its application in the construction of an improved substrate, the construction of slopes and embankments, as well as for work associated with land leveling. Well blown slate is relatively light material and sufficiently resistant to water and frost, which is especially important in the formation of embankments on low-bearing soils, wetlands or construction of embankments and protective layers exposed to freezing. Based on research it can be concluded that the burnt shale can be used in civil engineering for the implementation of the lower and upper layers of road embankments, regardless of the traffic load, including highways, including the layers of increased load capacity, reinforcing layers, frost protection and leveling works in building construction and land swap with weak capacity.