konferencja_t A conference on road investments in local districts organized by SLAG RECYCLING took place on 27 April 2005 at the Sheraton Hotel in Cracow.
The leading theme of the conference was the role of aggregates in road engineering and application of Slag Recycling grits to tarmacadam.
Representatives of the Małopolskie Centrum Informacji Europejskiej (Małopolska Eurodesk Centre) who participated in the conference as co-organizers presented the methods of obtaining European Union funds for the districts.
The second part of the conference was devoted to the reclamation of post-industrial lands. Anna Banaś, the President of Slag Recycling, reported on British practice of land restoration.
Many local districts of Małopolska, Silesia and the Carpathian Foothills were represented at the conference. The conference subject matter was received favourably.