The Małopolska Quality Award ceremony, a contest organized under the auspices of Marshall of Małopolska Province, took place on 21 June in the Mirror Room of the Słowacki Theatre in Cracow. Slag Recycling was among the winners, receiving an honourable mention in the category of production organizations. Medals were handed out personally by the Marshal of Małopolska Province, Janusz Sepioł.
The competition is addressed to enterprises running businesses on the area of Małopolska Province with an implemented system of integrated quality management, including standard series ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and TQM principles. It should be emphasized that participation in the competition confirms a high reputation of the enterprise and is considered a promotion of quality-aiming activities within the global management system.

Quality management is a chance to succeed on the market. It evokes trust in the company since it concerns the whole of its work, thus improving organization structure, explicit determination of responsibilities and authorities, specified methods of conduct while processing, motivated and conscious staff (suitable human resources, i.e. skilled and experienced employees).
The idea of the quality contests mentioned above is based on “The nine pillars of management by quality,” covering various aspects of enterprise operation. Each pillar is at the same time an assessment criterion for enterprises and organizations taking part in the competition, as it is a criterion assessment for the Małopolska Quality Award. In the framework of “company potential,” five pillars are mentioned:: Leadership, Strategy and Politics, Human Management, Resources Management, and Process Management.
Władysław Mostowik, Board Commissioner on integrated ISO systems, received a prize on behalf of Slag Recycling.